Starting Over

Yesterday was an off day for me, the first one in a while. It’s that day that starts late, which for me is 7:30am. It’s that day you don’t bother to take a shower, your in jeans and a t-shirt all day, your normal healthy breakfast turns into coffee and a pop-tart, you don’t plan your day, you step out for lunch and give yourself a treat but that treat is fast food which takes your energy level down even further, now your napping it off and the next thing you know it’s time for dinner while watching the President’s 5pm-ish daily report. The day is lost.

You tell yourself it’s ok because we are supposed to be home quarantining, but it’s not. You know better. You count your days and you know that day 93 of the year was lost. Duly noted.

That was my day yesterday. The current crisis throws you off your game. It happens. Today is another story…

Get Back on Your Routines

Today I am back on the routines. The tried and true method I find to getting back on your game is to get your routines down. Have a system in place for that. It has to be written and with you at all times. And here is what I use:

Full Focus Planner – this is a physical planner where you can set your goals, plan your days, get your routines down. take consistent baby steps every day.

Systems are a Life Saver

I am a big systems guy. Love it that I just have to adjust my systems to this new reality. These systems are going to be tested over the next 30 days. Especially now, my financial software system becomes so important. I have adjusted my budget for the next 90 days and I can easily see at a glance how long my current finances will last. This is what I use:

Banktivity – quite possibly the best personal finance software I have ever used. Glad I have it now.


MyFitnessPal made the list of systems I am keeping this year. Now more than ever you need to monitor what you eat. Keeping yourself healthy strong and rested is very important. Track what you eat and you may be surprised that the fast food lunch you had yesterday had 2 days worth of sodium!

Back in 2018 I wrote a small series on some of the systems I am using. That’s here

We Are Going Through a Much Needed Reboot

I believe this is a great time for our entire country to reboot. Know what happens to a computer when it reboots? It runs faster. There may have been a “virus” running that you did not know about but rebooting flushes it out. 

This country is long over due for a reboot. When it does it is going to fly! The entrepreneurial sprit is back. Companies are starting to innovate again which I have not really seen in quite a while. American car companies are producing ventilators,  American fabric companies like Hanes and MyPillow are producing facemasks. I’m starting to see things that would have never happened unless we were pushed out of our comfort zones.

Now that we are all out of our comfort zones I feel like I am up for anything! Our best days are ahead of us and now is the time to be entrepreneurial and develop systems that we can build on for the future.

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