The two were arrested Tuesday night in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and are awaiting extradition to Texas. A young singer has accused the pair of drugging and raping him in 2010.

Source: Opera Star David Daniels And Husband Arrested On Sexual Assault Charges

“Hey! Are you this guy?” No, I’m not. Thankfully. To each his own and everyone has their own path in life but when people Google just my name, $hit like this comes up. It’s embarrassing. But life goes on.

Linking to it probably just increases its ranking. Who cares.

Quick Story: Around 2005, I was offered nothing from this guys “people” to transfer my domain name to them. It was comical. I wish I had kept the emails. It was his people basically saying, “Hey, Our guy is very famous and we will offer you nothing because we are bringing real value to it. You should be paying us to take it off your hands”. This was back in the early days of the internet when people were snatching up website names like they were Real Estate. Individuals who were buying domain names for future profit were called “squatters” back then.

At one point I was accused of being a squatter… of my own name. Please!

So I kept it. Decided I would never sell it, just keep it for myself and enjoy it. This year I plan on doing just that.

Double Rainbow here in Charlotte yesterday. It made my day: