Saying Goodbye to 2019. You Were a Very Good Year.

Charlotte NC at Twilight

Duly noted: 2019 will hold a special place in my life. The last 2 years have been life changing in my new home of Charlotte NC. I have spent some quality time working on getting life back together, putting together my daily routines and getting my good habits down. All the work is paying off. Little by little, baby step by baby step, I have managed to accomplish one little goal after another, setting me up for a great 2020.

Goal #1

2019 had me completing a goal of reading the Bible, cover to cover, for the first time. That goal was accomplished yesterday, 12/30/19. Now I move onto a new reading plan for 2020 which will focus on seeing the bigger picture. Dark to light.

Goal #2

2019 also saw me start running again. And not because I needed to or even wanted to but because my body has been responding very well to it’s new and improved diet. Now when I go out to walk I feel like running so I run. I will be dropping the running in favor of biking for 2020 which will save my knees. The goal here was to find more energy which I did by changing up my diet and frequenting a grocery store that has a rather large boot list. Tracking my weight, keeping a food diary, monitoring my exersize and tracking with a smart watch are all habits I have picked up that have really helped me stick to my health goals.

It also helps to have some scenery to run around…

The Lake I run around...

Goal #3

2019 also saw me start a new job! This was a huge change. I changed my surroundings from a war zone in the inner city of Charlotte to a peaceful and serene setting on the south side of Charlotte. I don’t talk about the positions I hold because they are just for financial support but this latest position is pretty close to where I want to be. Working in a Nursery…

The nursery I work in…

What’s on tap for 2020?

I am entering my 3rd year here in Charlotte NC and I am just loving the weather, the clean air, the mild winters and all the new people from up north that are streaming in here, all looking to build a new life. This has been a great detox year for me. But I have neglected the website for the last 6 months. So on the final day of 2019 I am make this posting to get ready for the new year.

I am going to post weekly to the blog for the entire year! I am going to consistently use social media but limit myself to Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Gone are the days I will try to be everywhere.

What’s on tap for your 2020?
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