AOC called Social Media a “Public Health Risk”

I have not posted too much at all on the blog lately. There has not been much I wanted to write about but this next series of posts going forward will highlight some prominent people who have decided to scale back their social media usage just as I have. Enjoy!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently announced on a podcast that she was quitting Facebook as part of her efforts to cut back on her social media use.

This was big news because the 29-year-old @AOC is infamous for her skilled leverage of these platforms to “connect” with her constituents and drive the national conversation on issues she cares about. Ironically, it is next to impossible to connect to her in real life but she does encourage her constituents to reach her on social media. Mostly twitter and instagram.

Many people are curtailing their social media use because of all the privacy issues around using social media. But AOC brings up a very interesting point. Social Media is a public health issue. AOC has called social media a “public health risk” that too often leads to “increased isolation, depression, anxiety, addiction, escapism.” I have stated this in the past.

I wrote about social media as a health hazard here – This post was almost 2 years ago.

Privacy issues are also a big concern of mine but the larger issue is the toll social media takes on our mental health.

Over the next 5 years we will continue to see an exodus of users from social media and from those who are just curtailing their usage back. With summer about to hit you can expect social media usage to drop as more and more of us connect with the real world and get some much needed sun. With the general public curtailing their social media usage you may have to come up with others ways to reach your fans, followers or customers.

As for me, email is the best option to reach me. You can email me here…

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