Sorry Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook isn’t a “positive force”

I feel like I have written hundreds of articles on this subject over the last few years like these here:

Maybe I don’t have to write about this anymore. Now it’s going mainstream. Love this article at The source link is below and a quick blurb follows.

Source: Sorry Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook isn’t a “positive force”

Zuckerberg argues that Facebook is a positive force in the world because it “gives more people a voice.” But I’m old enough to remember what the Internet was like before Facebook came along. In 2003, there were lots of ways for people to express themselves online. Facebook didn’t invent online discussion. It wasn’t the first site for photo or video sharing. If Facebook disappeared from the Internet tomorrow, people would still have plenty of ways to make their voices heard.

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What distinguishes Facebook from a lot of other online sites is the company’s ruthless, all-consuming focus on growth. Every Internet company wants to grow, of course, but some companies also try to promote other important values. People like to mock Google’s “don’t be evil” slogan, but the company really has made difficult calls in the past—like pulling out of China over pressure to build a censored search engine.

By contrast, Facebook only seems to care about promoting the continued growth of Facebook. It has tinkered at the margins to try to blunt the platform’s worst impacts—like trying to police fake news on the platform. But there’s no sign that Zuckerberg is thinking seriously about changing Facebook in fundamental ways that could actually make it a positive force in the world. It certainly doesn’t seem like one right now.

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