Analysts Predict a Big Quarter for the Apple Watch!

Apple Watch is eating into the traditional watch business. Now, analysts are predicting that demand for the Apple Watch this holiday season will eat at sales in the already-slowing traditional watch industry.

Deloitte economic forecaster Daniel Bachman put the Apple Watch’s appeal rather bluntly. “The cool item to get under the Christmas tree is an Apple Watch, not necessarily a watch from the local jewelry store,” he said.

How Does Your Business Take Advantage of That?

First, you may have to get an Apple Watch of your own and figure out how your clientele is using it. I would be looking at how to get onto a persons calendar. Apple watches are highly configurable. That means a person can add quite a few apps to their homescreen. The one app I would think everyone would have on their watch face is a quick view of their calendar.

1. Target the Calendar?

The Calendar is great opportunity to make life easier for your clientele. When I setup service for my car with the dealer, they always send me a calendar event. No way are they going to send me a lower end way to remind me like through Facebook or a Gmail reminder. Higher end companies know to target the Mail Client for MAC because that means you are getting on their clients iPhones.

If your business lives on reservations, having an easy way to get onto a persons calendar will take advantage of the Apple Watch calendar functionality.

2. Hey Siri?

I am constantly using Siri voice commands to find businesses around me. Siri is getting her information from Yelp and Google. Another reason why having some great Yelp and Google reviews is very important because you will rank higher on a voice search. Siri never uses information from Facebook.

3. Activity Monitoring?

I actually use my Apple Watch to monitor my activity throughout the day. This may be huge for restaurants in the future because I actually track what I eat and adjust my activity accordingly. Restaurants that have their menus available through apps like MyFitnessPal, may actually gain customers if you have healthy dishes. I find myself downloading menus from restaurants all the time and their are quite a few dishes I no longer eat because they are incredibly unhealthy. Goodbye Chick-Fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwich. You were my favorite but with a full days supply of Salt I had to drop you.

Restaurants: Want to drive a higher clientele into your locations? Let people track what they eat using their IOS devices.

And that’s all I have for today. I am looking at the Apple Watch very closely. Wearables will be the future of computing.
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