Yelp Adds Health Inspection Data for Restaurants

Thanks to Yelp, potential diners will be able to see the cleanliness levels of the restaurant they’re considering visiting.

Source: Yelp Adds Health Inspection Data for Restaurants

Yelp has already added health inspection data to “more than 200,000 business pages”. Some of this information was provided by local governments, with the rest supplied by HDScores, which “maintains a nationwide database of health inspection reports.”

Now, Yelp is incorporating more of the HDScores database into its listings. This means the number of business pages displaying health inspection reports will more than triple. Which makes it even more important for restaurants to maintain cleanliness levels.

Just when I thought Yelp was becoming Irrelevant

I am no fan of Yelp and have been advising the public for years on how to deal with Yelp without having to actually deal with them. The strategy has been working for me and many others businesses that I consult with. This new strategy by Yelp just reinforces the fact that their business model is not working and they have to up their game. I am not sure how this one will work out, only time will tell. I personally think Yelp should be held liable for LIBEL and SLANDER if the information on the Yelp site is not updated timely.

The government could make good money on regulating a site like Yelp, levying fines of $50,000 for every listing that is not accurately updated within 24 hours of the update on the government site.

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