Twitter shares drop 14 percent after reporting declining monthly active users 

Though Twitter experienced 24 percent year-over-year revenue growth and exceeded projections this quarter, the company projected lower than expected monthly active users. Monthly active users were down 1 million compared to last quarter.

Source: Twitter shares drop 14 percent after reporting declining monthly active users 

Twitter is being accused of shadow banning conservative accounts and the Federal Government is looking into this illegal activity. President Trump himself tweeted about looking into and stopping this illegal activity, and that can’t be good. There are also reports throughout social media that Facebook and Twitter are being cut off from any government funding or government contracts they may have and this is accounting for the large losses.

Previously, alternative media outlets like Project Veritas, have gone undercover and recorded interviews with employees of Twitter who admit they have the ability to shadowban an account. Shadow banning is when a user uses their account and posts as normal but it doesn’t end up in nearly as many timelines or searches as they normally would. In effect, your reach is diminished without you knowing it unless you were tracking your traffic stats, and many of the bigger users on twitter do. I would also call this throttling an account.

I never felt that Twitter was a great option for the average small business. Your business should have a presence on Twitter to be “Social” but as an advertising platform, Twitter only benefits the truly larger companies that have built a recognizable brand.

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