12.5 Marketing Ideas for August 2018

You can hate me later but, Summer will be ending soon and even worse, we’ll start to think about Fall and then Christmas Marketing. But for those of you who are not on a Marketing Schedule here is what is left of July:

  • Fourth of July(July 4th)
  • Family Reunion Month
  • National Grilling Month
  • National Ice Cream Month
  • National Make a Difference to Children Month
  • Made in the USA Day (July 2)
  • World Population Day (July 11)
  • Get to Know Your Customers Day (July 19)
  • Parent’s Day (July 22)
  • Gorgeous Grandma Day (July 23)

Now some ideas for August:

1. Family Fun Month

August signifies the last few weeks of summer before children return to school. Encourage family relationship building by promoting family activities throughout the month of August that are related to your business. Hold special family appropriate events at your business throughout the month to support families spending fun time together. If you maintain a blog, compile a list of ideas for local family-friendly places to bond.

2. National Golf Month

Improve business relations by inviting clients to the course to play a round of golf. Golf is notoriously a great way to connect and create potential business leads for any industry. Golf is a sport that can be fun for any skill set, so regardless of your level of expertise, it can be an enjoyable time.

This is a perfect holiday for fitness establishments as they can use it to motivate their members to get outside and get active. One idea to take advantage of this national holiday is to give away free branded golf accessories, like golf balls or tees. Not only does this indirectly advertise your business when customers use them, but it’s a nice way to give back to your customers with a useful gift.

3. Simplify Your Life Week (August 1st-7th)

The beginning of fall is a hectic time with the start of a new school year. Simplify Your Life Week is a perfect time to get your business organized for the upcoming chaos. For starters, use this time to get your business in check and your workplace organized in preparation for fall. In addition, there are a variety of businesses that would benefit from promoting their services during the time.

In particular, interior designers and personal organizers should promote this time to their clients. Send out an email newsletter with your top organizing tips, or write a blog post doing the same. Another way to take advantage of this week is to post on social media a daily organizing tip. Encourage your clients to step back and take a look around them, so they won’t be overwhelmed and bogged down later on (like when back to school season is underway.)

4. Friendship Day (August 2nd)

One of the best ways to find business is from your current customers! This is the time to promote your Refer A Friend program. Take advantage of their raving reviews and referrals on National Friendship Day. Hold a promotion for customers that bring in their friends on this day. Offer incentives to both parties for participating, whether it’s a discount or a freebie, anything offer is enticing.

5. National Relaxation Day (August 15th)

Spas and salons can use this holiday to offer special beauty treatment deals to unwind from the daily stress. Other types of businesses can offer special relaxing promotions on this day as well. For example, restaurants can give out free drinks, while fitness centers can hold special yoga and meditation classes. If you work at a spa or yoga center, partner up with other companies to arrange for a day of in-office relaxation. This will help you improve the reach of your company and get new clients!

Businesses should not only recognize this day for marketing purposes but also to improve employee relations. Although you can take advantage of this day to engage customers, it’s also important to allow your staff to relax as well. Close up shop early after promoting relaxation to allow employees to enjoy some hard-earned rest.

Motivate your social media followers to take a step back from daily chaos and take some time to themselves as well. Whether this means using your services or not, customers will appreciate the personal approach in encouraging taking time to rest.

6. World Humanitarian Day (August 19th)

The purpose of World Humanitarian Day is to recognize those that lost their lives working for humanitarian causes. Use this day to not only donate your time or money to an important charity but to encourage your customers to do the same. Pay it forward to your local community, and share with your customers how they can contribute as well. Share on social media your favorite cause and why it’s important to you. The day is all about giving back, so there’s no limit to your effort.

7. Senior Citizens Day (August 21st)

While some businesses offer year-round discounts to senior citizens, senior citizens deserve their own special day. Honor the older folks with discounted or free services, they deserve it! Contact local senior centers and find out if you can sponsor an event or stop by with catering or manicures to brighten up someone’s day.  It’s important to remember that when marketing for an event targeted at this demographic, try to stick to offline marketing. Most senior citizens don’t use social media.

8. State Fair Season

Many state fairs are held in August, stretching through the early fall. These are a great way to market your business and services by setting up a booth. Thousands of people flock to state fairs, sometimes from across the country! If your state fair is coming up soon, find out how you can make an appearance.

While there are many fairs taking place in August (Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming), many are scheduled later on for the fall so use this time instead to get on the list of vendors and plan your approach.

9. Planning for Labor Day (last week of August)

Start gearing up for Labor Day toward the end of the month. Labor Day is a big end-of-summer holiday that many businesses take advantage of. It’s important to participate in the frenzy with sales during this time. Start marketing for your specific promotions at the end of August to increase excitement and ensure that everyone knows to support your business then.

Need help creating promotions for Labor Day? Try running an Instagram giveaway or contest promoting an in-store special or new product.

10. Back to School

Like Labor Day, Back to School time sales are an American tradition. Even if you think your business isn’t directly child or school related, there are still plenty of ways to get in on the action. For example, salons can offer special deals for back to school haircuts. Of course, this time is especially crucial for child care centers or extracurricular academic institutions to prepare for the start of the year. Businesses offering after-school activities can offer early bird registration for their classes.

It’s important to remember not to exclude parents in your marketing efforts. Although a new school year is a big and exciting change for children, their parents are affected by the change of schedule as well. Once kids are back in school, parents have more time for themselves during the day. Salons and spas can offer deals on beauty treatments parents might need after a long summer with the kids. Personal trainers or fitness centers can offer discount packages on their exercise services. Healthcare businesses, like dentists or nutritionists, can promote healthy lunch ideas.

One way to engage parents is to reach out to current customers who might have been busy over the summer and offer them a returning client special. This is a great way to show customer appreciation and retain existing customers.

11. August 21: Senior Citizens Day

We know that we should always respect our elders, so Ronald Reagan established this holiday in 1988 to honor senior citizens who made positive contributions to their communities. Many businesses have ongoing discounts for senior citizens, though the varying minimum age requirements (typically from 50-65) can be confusing for consumers and tricky for employees to enforce. You don’t want to offend someone by asking to see their ID, but you also don’t want to offend them by assuming they qualify for the discount.

One of many marketing ideas for restaurants could be to offer an early bird special menu on this day, with the age minimum clearly defined on the menu and in your advertising. If someone comes in during this time and orders off the special menu, it’s up to you if you want to use the honor system for the age requirement – kind of like how you regulate your kids’ menu offering. If you also offer the early bird special menu during an earlier time, like 4-6 p.m., you could drive in more traffic than you’d see during these off-peak hours. Early bird specials are like a happy hour for senior citizens!

12. August 31: National Eat Outside Day

For most of the country, we savor those few months out of the year when the weather is nice enough to eat outside. When September rolls around, we’re more aware that our al fresco days are numbered, so the last day of August is ideal for squeezing in one more day in the sun – as long as the rain stays away.

Use this month’s warm weather as an opportunity to promote your outdoor dining space. On social media, post photos of people enjoying your patio and promote your seasonal specials perfect for a sunny day. The upcoming Labor Day weekend will likely be filled with more at-home barbecues, so this holiday can help give your restaurant a boost to supplement what might be a hit-or-miss weekend.

Don’t have an outdoor dining area?

If you offer takeout, you could promote your carryout as a picnic-perfect option. Just make sure you supply all your takeout orders with everything your customers would need. Ask when they place an order or pick up if they need plastic silverware, napkins, etc. If they say no, then you aren’t wasting your supplies and are making the world a little greener – and even better place to eat outside.

12.5 – August 10th is National Lazy Day

Who knew there was a day dedicated to just the lazy. Hence the reason why I made it only 12.5! Send out a reason to lounge around with you and then kick back and put up your feet. It’s not called the lazy days of summer for nothing!

Have any other marketing ideas? Put them in the comments below. Thanks for visiting!

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