Don’t be the Red Hen. They Have Quite the Yelp Problem.

“Having your business suddenly in the political spotlight can have several adverse consequences, in this case, the business owner might lose the business.”

I’m sure everyone by now has heard about how a Restaurant called The Red Hen Restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, made news by refusing to serve White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. This incident became an instant national story, probably international too. The owners denied service to a customer based on their politics.

When this story broke I immediately took to my twitter account stating, “This doesn’t end well”.

Settling the Issue at the Dinner Table

There is no way around this one. If this were one of my clients I would have advised that they make an immediate apology on Twitter and invite Sarah Sanders back to the restaurant to have dinner with the staff,  cleared the air and settle our grievances. I would definitely need the cameras there so the world can watch. By not doing this, social media was able to frame the story and the story was not a good one.

This method above would have allowed the whole incident to blow over and could be seen as a teachable moment for the country. It would remind the nation that our differences could always be settled at the table, like a family, the way it has always been. now we can’t even get to the table.

When in Doubt, Talk about the Weather

Stick to some safe topics when doing business. In today’s day and age, abut the only safe topic is the weather. As of now, the business has been forced to shut down for at least 2 weeks and it has affected business in the immediate area. My prediction is this business will be run out of business to set an example. Sad, but these situations never end well if not addressed correctly.

What about the Yelp Problem?

Ok, I almost forgot I was going to address their Yelp problem. You can find the Red Hen Yelp Page Here. Currently, the business is down to “1 Star”! Sorry, this is beyond my abilities but it also seems to be beyond the abilities of Yelp. Yelp has never been able to control the fake reviewers. 99% of the thousands of new reviews are from people who have never been there. This is why I would never pay for any service that Yelp offers. Even the photos are fake!

Very sad. This was completely avoidable and could have been turned into a huge positive. Stay classy everyone!

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