June Newsletter


In this issue of the newsletter, I will drop a few ideas which I have used in the past that you may be able to use to generate awareness of your business during the summer. This issue is geared towards the business that traditionally goes quiet during the Summer. For those Businesses that do most of their business over the summer, these ideas will also work during your off-season.this text.


The phrase “location, location, location” is one of the most important sayings in business. Location can help determine how successful a business may become, as customers need to be aware of a business before they can patronize it.

Try a Pop-Up of your business in a high traffic location. Bring those Marketing Materials! I have done this every Summer and it works very well!


A great way to showcase your product or service is to have an in-house event, tasting or demonstration. Treat it as a party! Make sure you get email addresses of all attendees because people who blocked off time to attend your in-house event are very interested in your business!


This is my personal favorite. I would offer a free dinner or service to a local reporter. In return, I would get an article written in the local paper. The exposure is great!

But getting the exposure is not the only goal. The article that is generated can then be put on your website and… even more important, you can buy the article and have it framed. Hang that up in your business to gain instant credibility!

Summer Blogging!

The Summer months are a great time to start pushing out some blog postings to your websites, also called “News”. These blog postings can then be emailed to your marketing list to keep your brand in front of your customers during the summer.

Another added benefit of blogging, many people who come to your website may review your blog to see if you update your website timely. Websites that are managed correctly tends to imply your business is run well too.

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