American Express Gets Its First New Logo In Over 40 Years

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You might not even notice the redesign–and that’s the whole point.

Source: American Express Gets Its First New Logo In Over 40 Years

American Express has a new logo, but it probably slipped under your radar. It’s part of a complete brand redesign led by Pentagram partner Abbott Miller. The credit card company has swapped out its blue box with a gradient for. . .a blue box without a gradient.

From Old to New! The New AMEX LOGO!

A logo redesign after 40 years to account for mobile browsers. It’s actually very important and I’m not sure why it took AMEX so long to get this done. Possibly because it’s much easier for a small brand to change logo’s than it is for such a large brand.

It’s just such a small change but so much easier to read!

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