1. Facebook addicts people to it’s platform

I was able to watch quite a bit of Facebook CEO’s Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony in front of the Senate this past week. After years of following facebook issues, I learned nothing new. This is a company that is a monopoly and needs to be regulated along with Google, Amazon and maybe even twitter. Adults need to engage in vigorous debate. Children should not be on facebook until they are able to handle that debate process, especially since facebook is considered addictive.

2. Facebook resides in Silicon Valley, “a notoriously left-leaning place”.

In this video, Senator Cruz gets to the heart of the issue. Facebook is not a neutral public forum. Senator Cruz pointedly points out how many Conservative facebook pages have been blocked. Zuckerberg admits that Silicon Valley is an extremely left-leaning place. Senator Cruz asks about Palmer Lucky, a very interesting story in and of itself, showing that it’s not just facebook that censors right-leaning conservative platforms, but the censorship culture is pervasive throughout the whole valley.

3. Shouldn’t the Government have all this data?

Senator Dean Heller asks Zuckerberg, “Do you believe you would be more responsible with handling people’s personal data than the government would be?” Zuckerberg’s one-word reply, “YES”. 

The NSA already has all this data. Who is he kidding?