Yelp faces a “dilemma” again with one-star Fake Starbucks reviews.

In the wake of a viral video in which two black men were seen being arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks as they waited for a friend, the coffee giant is facing fierce criticism and calls for a company-wide boycott. The incident has sparked accusations of racial profiling, and Starbucks itself has deemed it a “reprehensible event,” with … Continue reading “Yelp faces a “dilemma” as Philly Starbucks gets pummeled with one-star reviews”

Source: Yelp faces a “dilemma” as Philly Starbucks gets pummeled with one-star reviews

As someone who has a long history in calling out Yelp on their deceptive sales practices, anyone, and I mean anyone, can write a review. You don’t have to even visit the location of a business to write a review and that’s where their business model fails. Unlike OpenTable, where you can only leave a review on a restaurant AFTER the restaurant checks you in, Yelp has no such functionality to verify you were actually a patron of the business. This has been going on for years!

Until Yelp can fix this issue I would recommend a business stay away from their marketing services. It’s pay to play but it’s all fake!
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