A Planner with Weekend Optimizers… Great Idea!

A Planner with Weekend Optimizers… Great Idea!

This year I made a conscious decision to implement a system to tie all my systems together. I needed a system that would help me set goals and keep me focused on them, which is where my new planner steps in…

The Full Focus Planner

This is not an app but a physical planner where you can keep your priorities in clear view and achieve what matters every day, designed for high achievers.

The Tutorial Videos are here and they cover:

  • Goals
  • Rolling Quarters (not rolls of quarters)
  • Daily Rituals
  • Weekly Big 3
  • Weekly Review
  • Weekend Optimizers (Great Idea!)

Here are some shots of the planner:

I started using this system last year but it has really taken off this year. The system will keep you focused. If you really get into it there are additional systems that will help you set goals and create a life plan.

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Again, I say this on practically every posting where I recommend something, You get what you pay for. I pay, this is not a plug. These are quarterly planners at about $37.50 each. So far, I have to say the investment is paying off very well.

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