Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams…

Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams and live the life you have imagined. – Thoreau


Just finished a marathon work week of working 7 days straight. I was all over the place! Had to document this for my records because my new systems have helped me be more productive, allowed me to make sure I got the right amount of rest, nutrition, time to reflect and playtime, all within my budget.

But I would have never known that I had hit a new move record unless I got my personal alert like this. I used to think this little gadget was worthless and a waste of money. It’s now becoming a pretty valuable tool in helping me reach my goals.

If you would like to go over my recent series on new systems I am using you can find them here.

Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you have to keep moving. – Albert Einstein

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