Banktivity – Beat the Banks, Find Money, Fix Your Credit

This posting is the first of 5 or so that I have scheduled for the week. These are systems I use and I am happy with them.

I really do wonder what system or software everyone else is using to manage their finances, especially the rich guys who are commonly called the 1%. I’m sure they have accountants but what do they use? I really do wonder because I would love to play with their financial toys.

In any event, I use Banktivity Software. This is not a plug, I have been using Banktivity for the last 4 years now. You get what you pay for so pay the $65 and whatever additional fee there is to have direct access to all your bank accounts, credit cards, student loans, credit lines, retirement accounts and even your health savings account. Track it ALL!

Find Money, Fix Your Credit, Beat the Banks

What happened when I started using financial software to track everything? I went from Good Credit to Great Credit. I went from paying over $600 a year in credit card interest to making $700 a year on cash back rewards cards. A swing of $1300. FOUND MONEY!

If you like communities around your products, they have their own Reddit page.

Here are some screenshots:

I am sending this post to them. In return, I hope to get some freebies to share with my readers. Shameless, I know.

Here is my affiliate link. They have a FREE TRIAL! But it’s only for the MAC. Go get it!

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