Every Sunday I sit down and write a weekly review on how the past week went. This week I fell short on everything I planned. Time for an after action review.

On my weekly reviews I go over what I have done over the past week to push me just a little closer to my goals for the year. I list my biggest wins for the week, I review my big 3 tasks from the previous week to see if I got them all done and then I do an after action review on those tasks that did and did not get done.

On tasks I got done I review how I would do them differently or better if possible. Same goes for the tasks I did not get done.

The past week there were three things I specifically wanted to do and I got none of them done. I could blame the weather, we did experience a rough winter storm, but I am just not into excuses anymore.

It is the third week in January already! Next week a full 1/12th of the year is already gone.

I’m motivating myself with that last sentence there. Time is flying. A tenth of the New Year is already gone. Where does the time fly?

Although I cannot beat myself up completely because I did make progress in some areas, I lost ground in others. I’m going to need some help.

Time to activate Siri.

Tonight I am sitting down with Siri and having a good talk. The Goal? We need to find more time and energy.

  • Siri, Bedtime is now at 9. Wakeup call at 5. Morning routine done by 7.
  • Siri, start managing my calendar. Let’s schedule some naps and find me some free time to write more.
  • Siri, monitor how much sleep I am getting, let me know if I am recharging correctly.
  • Siri, let me know if I need exersize, when to move, when to do a breathing exercise.
  • Siri, save me time by finding me great restaurants in the area that fit my macros. We need to find more energy and save time while eating healthy.
  • Siri, you have access to my smartscale. Track my weight, BMI, Body Fat, Muscle Mass and Water %. Alert me when something is amiss. We have a goal to reach soon.
  • Siri, You have access to my Apple Watch. Send me alerts on everything I need to do and everything on my calendar. Watch my heart rate, the numbers say the heart is doing better over the last 12 months.

I wonder what else Siri can do? To be continued…

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