Wishing Everyone a Happy & Healthy New Year!

Yes, I know, the world was supposed to end this year on a couple of dates. Something about a rogue planet, called Planet X, was supposed to collide with us? No one knew exactly when so there were quite a few dates thrown out there. Another “Rogue One” may have destroyed your world on November 7th through his prolific use of Twitter. In any event, the world is still here and it looks to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Source of End of World Stuff: http://time.com/4955640/doomsday-world-end-david-meade/

Goals for the New Year

In the past year, the goal for my site was to just keep it available while I went through many life changes. Some of those changes I am actually enjoying today because, for those of you who remember, I moved this year to the Charlotte NC area from the cold and snowy Northeast. While I am not missing what the northeast is going through (Record cold and snow for the next few weeks) I am thoroughly enjoying the mild winter here. So is my cat…

An Avocation (Fancy word for Hobby)

When I reassessed all the projects in my life, I made some decisions for this site. I reclassified it as a hobby, or avocation, which means I justify spending more money on it but it gets a smaller commitment time wise. It still gets plenty of traffic which is a blessing that cannot be ignored.

The goal, this year, is to enjoy the process of connecting with the public on the internet while limiting my social media usage. The calendar for the blog is set at once per week, I just need enough topics coming in to address. Those usually come via email. Since I don’t connect on social media much at all I usually connect via email through the website.

I may set other goals this month too as I work through the process of getting everything in order. For example, I did buy a nice microphone for some reason. I may take a stab at doing a podcast or youtube channel. I also need to dust off the camera and get back into photography. Those projects are currently being evaluated to see if they can get fit into the calendar for this quarter or the next.

On that note, Enjoy the New Year! I will leave another contact form here for suggestions on my next topic.

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