How to Follow Trump on Twitter via SMS

Post Update: as of April 2020 Twitter has turned off it’s SMS service. Unfortunately this little trick is no longer available.

Trumps Tweets… Have them come to your phone as a Text Message.

Remember back in the day when we all used twitter as an sms service? Twitter was out a good 15 months before the first iPhone and that was the brief period where all twitter users used twitter as an SMS service. Most people prefer using a twitter app and that’s perfectly fine. In a pinch though, I like having the SMS version.

Follow Trump via SMS

Most everyday I am asked about Trumps Tweets. What did he tweet today and what time did he tweet it? Of course there are plenty of apps that will send you notifications about Trumps tweets but twitter is an SMS service at its core. It’s foundation is the text messaging service all phones have access to. If they ever went back to that they would kill Facebook because Facebook is web-based. Everyone has text messaging, even boomers with their older flip phones.

But twitter will never listen to me. Anyway…

Here are the simple steps to follow your President on twitter.

First, make sure your twitter account is set up to receive mobile notifications.

Click on your profile picture and then go down to “Settings and Privacy“:

Your settings page has a whole bunch of tabs on the right hand side. Choose the “Mobile” tab:

Setup your mobile settings the way you like them. The above screenshot shows my preferences.

Finally make sure you save your settings by clicking “Save” on the bottom of the screen.

Now you can go to any account and “Turn on Mobile Notifications“.

Follow @RealDonaldTrump on twitter then turn on Mobile notifications for @RealDonaldTrump like so:

Click on those 3 little dots next to the following button on the page then click on “Turn On Mobile Notifications”.

That’s it! You are now the life of the party and setup to get Trumps Tweets as texts on your phone.

Political comments can now commence!

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