Facebook is Fueling Mental illness, Terrorism, Cyber Attacks

Facebook Fueling Mental Illness

The Problem: Social Media platforms are fueling Mental Illness, Terrorism, Cyber Attacks, Family Breakdowns, Suicides, Overdose Deaths, Deaths

You can’t fix the problem until you can identify the problem… Instagram and Facebook fueling Mental Illness is a huge problem. What have you done Mark Zuckerberg?

1 Million Selfies a Day on Average.

An entire generation has grown up with social media, spending untold hours taking the perfect selfie. These Selfies are shared with a world that previous generations were not exposed to until they learned much needed social skills. Most seasoned politicians can’t deal with the world we live in today. We can’t expect those with undeveloped social skills to connect with everyone without some consequences.

Mental Illness, Suicides, Drug Deaths have all doubled in the last 10 years. That coincides with Facebook being around for 13 years…


I watched the above video multiple times which inspired this blog post. I hope you do too. The correlation between Facebook and the accelerating problems of the last 10 years is something that cannot be ignored.

Mark Zuckerberg with Zero Social Skills is the problem

Let’s face it. Mark Zuckerberg has screwed up royally. With zero social skills he is still running around like a little boy, having fun “connecting” people though his abomination with no idea what the consequences are. But he is having fun with the process.

We used to do it as kids, while playing outside with bugs, we would see what would happen if we threw a wasp into a spiders web (spiders are smart and will cut these dangerous bugs loose). We are fascinated with videos of cats who take on alligators (cats are smart and usually win), and videos of killer whales who take on great white sharks (again, Killer whales are smart and usually win). In short… Zuck is like a kid playing with people’s fragile relationships. Today, we are the bugs. Are we smart enough to see what he is doing?

– What would happen if we let every married guy find his former girlfriends who should be safely buried in their past? BOOM! Broken families.

– What would happen if we connected sworn mortal enemies that have been at war for thousands of years? BOOM! Global Terrorism.

– What would happen if your kids were no longer competing with the Jones’s next door but with the Rich Kids of Instagram? BOOM! Mental illness, rampant narcissism.

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg originally built his website to rate the women of Harvard.

Today, Facebooks mission of connecting the world seems to be having some major consequences far worse than “Global Warming”. It may be the number 1 issue of our time.

The companies mission is ever expanding, growing and morphing. A tech company that has accidentally grown into something much bigger than just connecting people. What it is growing into I don’t know.

Mark Zuckerberg is trying to build a global superstructure, a platform that he thinks can solve the worlds problems but in actuality is providing more fuel for the problem. The last step in the plan may be to build an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that will help people safely connect with each other. The question is: Will this AI learn how to safely connect us fast enough before we all fall victim to Mental Illness or worse?

The video states: “In any sport your mentality changes when you are running out of time.” Are all these changes in the world today mean we running out of time?

Are we running out of time on this planet? Are we destroying ourselves through the use of Facebook?

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