Congratulations President Trump! Inauguration Day is finally here. It is now your job to inspire the American people, remind everyone of the American Dream and to teach everyone how to “Think Big”!

Although “The Art of the Deal” is your most famous book, I think your best book by far is “Think Big! Make it Happen in Business and Life”.

Patriots from all over the country will pray for your safety today and everyday and we thank you for putting your life and the lives of your family on the line to return our great country to the people. It is time to drain the swamp.

Today is a day I am proud to be known as a fellow New Yorker. I never thought I would live long enough to see the day when the Bush/Clinton families would finally leave the country to the people. That day has finally arrived! God Bless America!

P.S. Two Things…

There is always time for the National Anthem.

Don’t forget about Hillary Clinton.

I am very excited for this countries future. It’s time to Make America Great Again!