I came across this talk this morning and thought it was so profound that I had to share…

Make sure you watch the above video, it’s only 15 minutes but could change your entire life.

Through no fault of their own, Millenials have suffered from bad parenting skills. Growing up with instant gratification, being told they are special and that they had to follow their passion, make an impact or have a purpose in life, Millenials are not finding instant life or job satisfaction.

These concepts were taught throughout a Millenials childhood by both parents and society and has made Millenials ill prepared for the corporate world. It will take strong leaders to address this problem but only if they can identify it. It is something I am constantly aware of with Millenials, especially after beating my on Social Media addiction.

Are You Addicted to Social Media?

There is nothing wrong with social media and cell phones as long as you have balance. If you cannot put it away you have an addiction. If you sleep with your phone, check it first thing in the morning and cannot put it away during a dinner date you are addicted. Addictions can cost time, money and worse… meaningful relationships.

Although, in OUR defense, we have employers who also cannot put down the cell phones, they have their own addictions and have not learned boundaries. They send texts, emails and messages at whatever time they want and when you do turn off your addiction the other party (i.e that employer) gets mad that you did not respond to them immediately and feel disrespected.

Here are some other goodies that opened my eyes in this talk:

  • There’s no app for job satisfaction and strength of relationships
  • Learn patience
  • Skill-sets, love and relationships take time (lifetimes) and they are not instantaneous, see patience
  • Charge your phones in the living room.
  • buy an alarm clock for $8
  • put your phones away when around those who are important. If you don’t, they will feel unimportant.

Who here feels that social media should be treated as an addiction?

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