Finally! A real Siri upgrade… Now Apple has dramatically improved the knowledge base Siri can draw from, allowing the voice-activated personal assistant to answer a wider range of questions about the sport.

Siri Mets SearchSports scores have been in Siri since iOS 6 in 2012, and the new searches certainly make the voice assistant more helpful for those gameday questions about a statistic. That said, Siri still feels very limited. More peculiar, specific questions like, “When was the last time the Yankees had a perfect game?” yielded a generic search for the Yankees. Other searches just yielded a Google query. And results that did work had inconsistent presentation — some similar searches had were displayed in an Apple-designed frame, whereas others were a simple copy of a Wolfram Alpha result. In either case, improvement is good, and it’s definitely good that baseball’s back.

Source: Siri can now answer more of your baseball questions | The Verge

Can’t wait for the posts about the crazy answers she gives.