“Twitter releases it’s Latest Shareholder Letter just for Me! Probably their Saudi investors too.”

Miss me? Yeah I’ve been offline more than usual but today I had a little time to catch up on what is going on in the internet world. Today, twitter releases it’s Q4 2015 Shareholder Letter just for me ( and probably some massively rich shareholders) to peruse. In this letter Twitter execs explain, in a five point plan, how they will improve twitter. It focuses heavily on Periscope and getting developers to build better apps around twitter. Read that here -> Q415_Shareholder_Letter

Huh? WTF!

A) Periscope will not bring more users to Twitter. I consider periscope separate from twitter and if I decide to watch someone’s “Scope” I go right to the Periscope app.

B) Developers make crap! Someone needs to recommend a useful twitter app for me. I can’t name one. I am at a loss.


Twitter is an SMS service My best twitter timeline still goes directly to a text messaging thread. People who are on that thread keep me amused all day.

Hashtags! Twitter comes in handy connecting with other fans around our favorite sports games or TV show. Hashtag #METS

Parody accounts are awesome! Facebook killed that feature when they only allowed you to use your real name. Where else would you be able to follow people like “EL Blombito”, “Drunk Hulk” and “DeathStarPR”? Special mention to the Long Island Favorite @LIRR_Executive.

Connecting with celebrities and breaking news is probably Twitter’s best features. Maybe Twitter should make @RealDonaldTrump some kind of ambassador.

You can’t get this stuff on Facebook. :)

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