Relax, The Holidays are Over, Days Get Longer and Spring is Around the Corner


The hustle and bustle of the Holidays are over and we’ve been blessed with a very warm winter, “Knock on Wood“. In a few days the Sun will start rising just a bit earlier but hardly noticeable at first. Right now, here on the South Shore of Long Island, the Sun is rising at 7:13am. Starting on Thursday, 1/7 the Sun will rise at 7:12am, the following Tuesday the Sun will rise at 7:11am, Friday 1/15 at 7:10am, Sunday 1/17 at 7:09am and so on. In a nutshell the days will start to get a little longer.

At the same time, if you are tracking your Vitamin D levels, (which we naturally generate from the sun), The Sun will angle back into range where we can start getting Vitamin D on Sunday 1/24/16, but only for a few minutes. Every subsequent day the Sun will rise higher and higher in the sky allowing for a larger window of Vitamin D generation. We are in one of those places on the globe where we cannot generate Vitamin D all year round. How do I know and track all of this? It’s a simple iPhone app… 


That means for those of you suffering from the “Winter Blues”, its temporary and it won’t last long. Get those running and walking shoes out. It’s all uphill from here and Spring Training (That’s Baseball) is just a few short weeks away!

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