The Day After the Paris Attacks, from the eyes of a “Scoper”

“I had so much planned for this weeks post. I had lots of stuff to talk about but the recent attacks in Paris stopped me in my tracks.”

As I normally do, I went straight to the Drudge Report for the most up to date information on the attacks where this article caught my eye, “President states ISIS has been contained” and posed no immediate threat. Irony. Thanks to Drudge for pointing out something that would have most definitely been buried by the mainstream media.

Then I go onto Facebook, but only briefly, where the trend was for people to change their profile picture with a superimposed image of the French flag, but no way to get a meaningful dialog going. Yes, all the major news media sites dump their content directly onto Facebook but Facebook is still not a great aggregator of news and people who use it to talk about politics have little to no training on how to facilitate a conversation. On top of that no one can really trust the mainstream medias postings anyway. Facebook is useless to me.

Meanwhile, on twitter, hashtags run rampant and with only 140 characters to use on a tweet, hardly a medium to have a realistic conversation, let alone find an intelligent one. Even if you are like me and have the ability to follow a conversation, there are just too many of them. How do you find the good ones?

Then, on to Periscope… where some of the best facilitators of conversation are just roaming around the streets. I happen to follow a Paris Scoper. If you follow me on twitter you can easily find this Paris Scoper because I tweet out a lot of his scopes as soon as he comes on… I’ve embedded one of the better scopes below but the best time to view a scope is “live” because you can follow the chat while the Scoper is interacting with his viewers.

There are such beautiful photos coming out of Paris, Beautiful videos, video chats and “Scopes” are happening on a smaller and more intimate scale… Get off the internet Ghettos (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+… blah blah blah) and try some of these more personal social media channels which allow you to connect on a more personal level. There’s a lot of information coming out of Paris and it’s coming directly from it’s citizens.

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