Long Islanders are not Completely Apathetic?

We lose the Islanders, we don’t come out to vote but we save our Mall Christmas Tree?

Two things really struck a cord with me this week. 1) Long Islanders just don’t vote. 2) Take away our Mall Christmas Tree and we go nuts! Here are two stories I pulled out of the local news this week:

“All of us should feel uneasy that so few of us choose our elected leaders. Our collective lack of involvement is shameful. there’s a definitive conclusion in the big-picture contest on Long Island: As voters, we’re a sorry lot.” http://www.newsday.com/opinion/editorial/long-island-democracy-of-the-few-for-the-many-1.11064013

And Then:

“Two Christmas trees have been added to the futuristic Santa photo area of Roosevelt Field Mall following an outcry from Long Islanders.

Photos showing this year’s photo-staging area devoid of any traditional Christmas decorations went viral online. As News 12Long Island first reported, a petition was started urging mall management to drop its new set-up, dubbed “Glacier,” and instead return to a more classic holiday display. Many customers had threatened to boycott Roosevelt Field and do their holiday shopping elsewhere. http://longisland.news12.com/news/roosevelt-field-mall-sprucing-up-its-cutting-edge-santa-display-1.11071056?1

We’re not truly apathetic. Are we?

Simon Mall

Of course we were not alone in our Christmas tree issue. Other malls around the country had the same issue as you can see from the screenshot above. It is a step in the right direction as everyday citizens are learning to use social media to coordinate change. Unfortunately, as my last post pointed out, social media is completely controllable and someone decides what story gets in front of a lot of eyes and which do not.

I do find it encouraging that people are figuring out they can make changes if they come together. Now if we can just light a fire under everyone because there are bigger issues to tackle. Our social security is gone, our kids futures have been stolen and they have been tricked into massive student debt, our President is starting wars without authorization, the Federal Reserve isn’t federal but controls all our money, the IRS? Don’t get me started.

A simple change.org petition won’t fix all of that but this little exercise in social media activism may be a start? We just take baby steps but we have to start running soon.

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