Quitting Social Media. Because it’s All Fake.

Teen Social Media Star quits and discusses the ugly truth behind social media fame.

I am watching a video tonight that was highlighted on TheDrudgeReport regarding a teen from Australia who had finally achieved social media fame after 3 years of work only to find out what many won’t ever realize… it’s all fake. Sadly I think that you have to overuse social media to get to this point where you want to just completely stop using social media altogether. I wonder how many other kids will follow her example.

Since most people don’t have that huge social media following that gets addicting, most people may never come to realize what this young woman went through. But this young woman is dropping social media cold turkey. In lieu of social media she seems to have gone back to just blogging at her new site letsbegamechangers.com. It’s a similar decision I also made this past year to really limit my social media use and stick to the blog.


Like this young woman in the video, after limiting my social media use I found myself gravitating towards going out to parks, beaches, cafes, basically anything that got me out of the house. I got the travel bug back and did some traveling and I am just absolutely fascinated with doing lots of outdoor activities. Even my commute to work has changed. I will now take a longer route just along the coast as opposed to taking a direct mainland route so I can enjoy the expansive ocean views.

Walking under the sun while getting my vitamin D is now a new habit that happens to be quite healthy. I’ve learned to turn the phone off for long periods of time, sometimes up to a whole day while many people who have tried to reach me in an “emergency” have learned that not everything is an emergency. Relax, I’ll turn my phone on soon.

I hope everyone watches the video link above. You can overuse social media. I think it’s becoming a bigger problem than most people realize and once you can identify the problem you can address it.

So the next time I go to a park I will look for that former social media addict like myself and start up a conversation.

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