Talking about Ghetto Social Media Communities. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram et all

Not everyone is aware of the Drudge Report and if you are one of those people go check out that site and make it your Homepage. 2021 update: sadly the Drudge Report is no longer relevant but it was at the time of this writing in 2015.

Matt Drudge, who is the operator of the DrudgeReport, one of the TOP news websites on the planet, reminded me of how the internet was about 20 years ago. He steps out to talk to Alex Jones of InfoWars this past week and it’s one of the most profound interviews I have heard in a while. This interview took me back to the days before social media where ideas were freely shared and there were no corporate social media sites directing the narrative.

Drudge reminiscences about how people were building vibrant communities on the web back in those days before the “Ghetto” communities came along. I jumped on that bandwagon almost 15 years ago and developed my own little website which you are reading right here.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… they are all the same and all owned by the same companies. They are now appropriately labeled “Ghetto Communities”. If you are using one of these corporate platforms they are taking your energy and using it for nothing and you get nothing in return.  Check out the condensed video here about “Ghetto Communities”:

Bloggers, at least the old school ones, knew about how Ghetto Communities could give too much power to only a few platforms. We raged against it for a long time by not using any of them. We built our own communities and interacted with our readers and only used social media to pull people out of those sites and into our blogs. Eventually most bloggers got lazy and started blogging directly on social media platforms and once that happened, once everyone was feeding their content and energy directly into the “Ghetto” sites, the owners of these Ghettos were able to set the rules.

Today, the corporate media nows owns the narrative, the platforms AND they have the ability to make sure your views are not seen or heard. As us old school bloggers are being reminded, now is the time to use your “personal playgrounds” because there might not be a lot of time left to do it.

So, with fall here and winter fast approaching, I am going to go back and enjoy using my personal playground, (Affectionately called a Blog) instead of just avoiding social media altogether. You know the saying, “If you don’t use it you lose it”. Most importantly I do miss the old days before everyone started living double lives on social media.

For those of you who love the Meat and Potatoes of a debate (instead of just sharing cat pictures) check out the full video here and let me know what you think in the comments below:

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