imagesBack in the day I predicted that the iPad would be a dud. You can read that here… and although I bought the original iPad mini I never did feel the need to upgrade. Still don’t. I still have that original mini and it comes in handy for a few things but it’s really just a luxury, not a necessity. I could easily do without it. Wednesdays Apple event MAY introduce an iPad pro. Still not something I would jump at.

The Apple Watch, on the other hand, I didn’t bother with at all and that’s a shame because I haven’t worn a watch for years until this summer. There was plenty of opportunity for Apple to get a watch on my wrist. For months I debated whether I should get an Apple watch and no one could give me a compelling reason to give up a car payment for a watch but here is what happened when I bought a WATCH out of necessity…

Watch at the BeachSummer Vacation Story:

On my summer vacation I was very worried about getting my iPhone wet and/or stolen. I can be notorious for my forgetfulness and on my second day of vacation I did go swimming with a set of headphones in my pocket… I had forgotten they were still in there and there went $30. I was carrying around the iPhone everywhere and was worried what would happen if I forgot my phone was in my pocket? Or worse, what would happen if I just left it on the beach or had it stolen… So I ended up going to a local surf shop and purchasing a very nice watch for less than $70 so that I could leave the phone behind when needed. The watch is sporty and waterproof, perfect for swimming and diving and set me free from my phone, at least for a few hours at a time.

Now that I have this new watch on my wrist it keeps reminding me to go out and play! It wants to go swimming and reminds me I have a stopwatch so start using me! It’s yelling at me: Go running! Get some sun! I even have an alarm, just like your sissy little iPhone, to wake you up for your morning run. Turn that damn iPhone off and let’s have some fun!

IMG_2154And that was the eye-opener for me. The watch can be very personal and a reflection of your lifestyle but the Apple watch is not. It’s designed to tether you to your phone, keeping you constantly updated on any and all messages throughout the many apps you may be using. I’m sure you could customize your Apple watch to be FUN but Apple has never been known for “Fun”. Their products are elegant versions of products that are already out there. The watch has been around for over 500 years and there are much more elegant versions of the watch than Apple’s. So I’m on the fence about the Apple Watch. Only time will tell but history is not on it’s side… see the iPad.

And if you are wondering about the new watch I purchased, it’s from a company called Freestyle. This is not a plug, I think I have found a gem of a company and will be purchasing more in the future. You can buy 4 awesome watches made in the USA for the price of 1 Apple Watch made in China. Don’t get me started!

That all being said, I am looking forward to spending more time away for my phone and more time playing outside. Apple had their chance to get something on my bare wrist but lost out. Apple Watch you may be in trouble…

What do you think? Is the Apple Watch in Trouble?
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