What a Week Last Week! Testing out the new Office for Mac 2015 Suite…

Outlook for macJust over a week ago Office for Mac 2015 was released and like quite a few people in my circles I was wondering if I could start using Outlook again. One program to handle all my emails, calendar, contacts and tasks. I already have Office for Mac 2011 installed, which never included Outlook, but the suite was hardly utilized. I was really looking forward to testing out this new version of Office for Mac 2015. Did Microsoft actually catch up with the times and address the extreme bugginess of the software on a Mac?

Here’s how it went…
Sign up for Microsoft Office 365 at $7 a month. (Yup, you got to pay!)
Download Office Suite
Install Office Suite
Wait some more…
Force the program to shut down
Apps install over old Office programs
Start up Outlook
Outlook crashes
Microsoft Crash reporting app starts up. Attempts to access the internet and send error report
Crash reporting program crashes
Outlook starts up by itself
crashes again
Move onto starting up Excel
“Application not Responding”
Force it close
Start troubleshooting with turning off Anti-Virus software and all other apps.
Ahh! We have a startup of Excel.
Startup Outlook.
Open a message
It Works!
Attach a photo…
Cleanup system with CleanMyMac3 and then do a reboot, hoping that fixes everything.
Startup Outlook…
It’s up and running! Send an email QUICK!…
Application not responding.
Force it closed, then restart.
It’s up again. Try to open an excel attachment in an email…
EVERYTHING LOCKS UP! Hold power button for 10 seconds for forced restart.
System comes back up and we start-up Outlook again. It’s up!
Attempt to get your contacts from Gmail. Sorry, you can’t do that! Only on a Mac will Outlook NOT recognize a .CSV file.
Boss sends an email with an excel, word and pdf files attached. OFFICE CRASHES!
Grab a drink…
repeat everyday for 7 days until you finally uninstall Microsoft Office for Mac 2015 and gain back your sanity.

FullSizeRender 2
I’ve taken up Drinking! Thank you Microsoft!


In a nutshell…. Microsoft Office 2015 for MAC… It’s still bloated software, maybe even more so now! I have never had so many problems with my Macbook as I did this past week. The new Office for Mac 2015 is just not stable. It crashes constantly. Even the program that reports back to Microsoft about crashes would crash! It seems that every little thing the program would try to do would just locked everything up. Don’t even try to have Word, Excel and Outlook open at the same time. Sheeezh! Do you want to see Apple’s Rainbow Circle in action? You will if you use Office for Mac 2015.

Outlook would freeze when attempting to download mail, it would crash when attempting to attach a large file to an email and then there were times it would be completely fine and I could almost use it like a normal office program. Unfortunately it’s not ready for prime time.

I did end up testing Office for Mac 2015 on the latest OS for the Macbook, El Capitan. I’m not sure if this effected the results of my week of testing. I’m not allowed to blog about anything regarding El Capitan Beta testing. ;) That’s a condition of being in the Beta program.

I can’t really explain all the bugginess. I have a decently powerful Macbook pro with 8GBs of RAM and a 2.9GHz intel core i7. It’s about 3 years old. I had Activity Monitor open a lot and was monitoring how the Office Suite uses memory. None of the Microsoft programs were among the top users of memory. That title almost always goes to Safari. I also closed down my anti-virus program to see if that was locking it up. Not an issue.

And it’s not just the Office for Mac 2015 Suite that is buggy, it affects every other app you may be using. Tweetbot for Mac doesn’t seem to like to perform when Outlook is open. Same with Evernote. Once you close Office for Mac 2015 your Mac seems to be much happier. Literally the minute you move from Microsoft Office back to native Apple Apps your Mac will be Happy, Zippy and Fun!

So if you are an Office for Mac 2015 user I would love to know if it works well for you and if I am just doing something wrong?

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  1. Amanda July 26, 2015 at 7:33 PM

    I have a macbook 2010. I can somewhat get office to work but every once in a while I go for the Disk utility and do a big cleanup. I find that speeds things up a lot.


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