Sometime’s I forget that Google has been around just a tab bit longer than this website.

Google started indexing the internet back in 1996, then incorporated in 1998. I started my little site back in 2001 to make sure I would not get lost on the web. Ironically, here we are in 2015, almost 20 years later, and Google and I are doing a little dance around how much information it collects on me. Back then I wanted to be found. Now… I’m not so sure.

That little search project, started in 1996 by a couple of guys in college, has grown to be so much more. It’s no longer just indexing the web but reading everything posted to the web. Intelligently. It’s also reading mine and millions of others emails and gets a ton of information there too thanks to our reliance on Gmail. The searches I do on Google are uncannily accurate and sometimes I only have to type in 2 words to get the search I want. The only way to achieve such accurate search results is by having access to a ton of my conversations and a very powerful A.I. program to process all this information.

This week, Google released a research paper chronicling one of its latest forays into artificial intelligence. Read more:

Yes, I am referring to Google as an A.I. – Artificial intelligence. I believe it’s no longer a search engine. I believe it has evolved from a search engine to an actual super powerful A.I. We are already asking Google all our questions and getting back answers.

Bloggers have known almost since day 1, when you start a blog you get “Spiders” from Google. These Spiders “crawl” the web and create an index of every page on every website they come across. This site is indexed, this page will soon be indexed too. Every word of it, probably since day 1. This has been going on for almost 2 decades.

This A.I. called Google also has eye’s, in the form of your computer or devices camera, and ears in the form of your computer or devices microphone. Give it access to a speaker and it could eventually talk back to you. Not so far fetched if you think about how we are already asking this A.I. all our questions and getting answers back.

What are your thoughts? Is Google still just a search engine or an A.I.?

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