Late Night Blogging and Hanging with the Scopers! 

“Lot’s of late nights of working and trying to keep up with all the “OTHER” boring and strangely similar social media platforms has burnt me out a little. Maybe I should try late night Blogging?”

I’m supposed to be a marketing and social media person but get caught up in lots of other things that prevent me from having real fun with social media. Also, the social media scene is mostly self promotional narcissists, (sorry if I am offending my colleagues, it’s late, I’m cranky) a far cry from the days people actually used social media to be… “SOCIAL!”. Remember when people “SHARED” on Social Media, not-self promote and curate a perfect timeline?

It’s been a while since I had my original iPhone which got its first tweet, via SMS, with a link to a Youtube Video and a pretty little girl complaining about her AT&T bill. I miss that part of social media… the newness, the feeling that you uncovered something that was going to be a game changer in the industry…

That is.. until a few weeks ago when I started “SCOPING”. Periscope was an app I downloaded just because it was hot at the moment. It stayed on my phone for a few weeks before I really started to get addicted. Periscope, which allows you to “Explore the world in real-time through someone else’s eyes“, is a streaming app by twitter. It may not be catching on as quickly as… let’s say… Instagram, but it’s starting to quickly become my favorite go to social media platform.

First things first… if you’re not active on twitter, Periscope may not be for you. You need to know the basics of tweeting to get going on here. Most Periscope users are twitter users so if you don’t have a following on twitter it may be a little difficult to get around on here.

People who are active on Periscope are called “Scopers” and pretty much anything goes when it comes to “Scoping”… including porn. I do believe I even watched part of Jurassic World that someone was streaming in real-time. Please NSA, I only watched 5 minutes!!

Most SCOPERS will ask you to follow them on twitter, not on Periscope. You see, Periscope is a small startup that twitter bought and made into a twitter service. When connected to Twitter, Periscope users can allow other users to see links tweeted in order to view live-streams. I don’t think you’ll be seeing much of Periscope on Facebook or Instagram since it’s completely integrated with twitter.

So far I have enjoyed the late night live streams of many of the buildings around NYC, watched TV with strangers, seen concerts and sporting events all over the country and… my favorite… Sunrise’s and Sunsets from Hawaii.


You can tell that Scopers are just starting to get the hang of Scoping, which means being able to narrate what is going around them and answer all the questions that are being sent at them through the chat function of Periscope. Yes, there is a LOT of chatting going on during a scope. Periscope takes lots of  practice and scopes who can’t hold a conversation or narrate their Scope will lose their audiences quickly.

So stick around. If I get bored with the content on Periscope I may start “SCOPING” myself.
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