Cherry Blossom Watching On Long Island at SUNY Farmingdale

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If your a huge fan of Spring like I am maybe you’re  watching our local Cherry Blossom trees and waiting for their peak blooms. In Washington DC, this past weekend, their famous Cherry Blossom trees were at Peak Bloom.

Here on Long Island, Peak Bloom is almost here. There are Cherry Blossom trees in Eisenhower Park, East Meadow and a lone Cherry Blossom tree at SUNY Farmingdale. Go a little further west and you’ll find Cherry Blossom trees at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and Central Park.

Here is the lone Cherry Blossom Tree at SUNY Farmingdale:


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Cherry Blossom Tree 

You’ll find this tree right behind their main greenhouse. It’s just about ready to Bloom.

And… If you get a chance, walk to the front of the greenhouse and check out SUNY Farmingdale’s sustainable garden with it’s Japanese themed entrance.



Trust me… This garden is amazing during the summer!

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