The ongoing saga continues between small business’s and Yelp regarding their extortion practices for their marketing services. This time Yelp attacks a very small, 2 person, movie production company that is shedding light on Yelp’s fraudulent business practices and Yelp comes out with guns blazing!

“Billion Dollar Bully”, a documentary about Yelps extortion practices is being produced by Prost Productions and they have a kickstarter to fund their documentary. They are almost to their goal of $60,000 and, Yes, I was compelled to contribute because of all the problems I have had with Yelp in the past. The documentary is due out in January. Here is the trailer for their upcoming documentary:

There is also an ongoing Q&A on Reddit with the producer which you can find here –

Yelp struck back at the producer of this upcoming documentary by sending their slick VP of Corporate Communications to go after her in an interview on CNBC recently. You can find that here –

Yelp is No Help

My personal experiences with Yelp have been quite frustrating. I personally flag every review for violating one or multiples of Yelp’s own terms of service. Not once have I ever had a negative review removed. Never! It doesn’t matter how many of Yelps terms a reviewer violates, those reviews are there to stay. Most reviewers now take an even more cowardly stance than in the past and request that they not be contacted by business’s which leaves me to leave a public response. Never once has a negative reviewer responded to my response to their review.

My whole point behind this blog post is that Yelp is just a site that people use to leave negative reviews but if you would like positive reviews you can get a business account where Yelp employees will work with you to “Optimize” your Yelp page. They will teach you how to “Correctly” flag reviews so that they are removed and only the good reviews survive.

Customers Use Yelp Like a Terrorist Uses Chemical Weapons

Ever come across a customer who can’t get a reservation on a Saturday night because there is no availability? Expect a negative Yelp review and they will tell you right there on the phone; “Find me a reservation or I will leave you a negative review on Yelp!” . Thank you Yelp Terrorist! Thank you Yelp for creating these Terrorists!

The majority of the negative reviews I come across are from people who have never even visited the business or couldn’t get a reservation, many are from other states and live nowhere near the business they have just left a negative review on. Yelp really needs to work on that algorithm that buries fraudulent reviews because it seems that fraudulent reviews get a BOOST with their proprietary algorithm making their review site totally useless.

I Fully Support This Kickstarter Campaign!

So I encourage everyone to go ahead and support this kickstarter campaign. We need to educate the masses regarding Yelp and their useless review system. Until then… the internet will take care of this issue.

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