This week I attended the International Restaurant Show at the Javits Center in Manhattan where vendors from all over could show their latest food products. In my official capacity of a Marketer, of course I gravitated towards the tech vendors at the show… more specifically NCR and Partender, two companies I am considering in my quest to help grow some clients.

While walking around I stumbled upon a Marketing Presentation. The Restaurant industry still struggles with social media and although I thought some of the information in this talk was a little dated, much of it still holds true. Notable exception to using and engaging on Yelp. I highly recommend not acknowledging anyone on Yelp. I’ve never liked the platform and it’s business model is not sustainable. 

Overall this talk was informative and mentions some pretty common tools like Hootsuite and Google Alerts. The panel also talks about monitoring the entire internet for any talk about your brand… Definitely not practical.

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