It’s been over 14 Christmas’s now, running a blog while tracking the rise and fall of every social media platform. From AOL to Myspace, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and more, social media has made me hyper aware of the world around me and the many, many, many struggles people go though in my neck of the world and beyond. And as the years pass, more and more people figure out how to use social media to make the world around them a better place. I hope that trend continues.

Although in the early days of the blog I was writing quite a bit about every social media platform because everything was just so new and exciting, now it’s just more of the same old thing. This year it’s Instagram, next year it will be something else. It doesn’t matter where you are there always seems to be a new way to be social. Heck, even when making a Google doc someone always seems to find me and start up a chat while I am working. I may be TOO connected!

Despite my noticable absence on social media this year I may yet make a small comeback with all the new tech toys received this Christmas. For me the iPhone 6+ is a game changer and may allow me the time to post more. But my year of very limited social media use is coming to a close.

As an amazing Christmas and year comes to a close, thanks to everyone for checking in on the blog once in a while. Rest assured, the less I blog and use social media it just means that life is getting better and the need to rely on social media to feel connected is no longer necessary.

Merry Christmas to all and Have a Great New Year!

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