The big news I’ve been watching over the week is Facebook’s move into the Deep Web (also known as the Darkweb), or the anonymous internet that so many of us now use. No other big Silicon Valley Giant has dared to take this step but does it make sense for the Privacy Robbing Giant to move to the Deep web?

If Facebook wants to grow their platform they will need China, one of the biggest internet markets, if not THE biggest internet market on the planet. Facebook is going to have to get around “The Great Firewall of China” in order to draw in Chinese users and a Deep web address will hopefully be great bait.

Having an address on the Deep web will allow Chinese Users to circumvent the Great Firewall of China and use Facebook to communicate with the outside world.

The Deep web is an anonymous internet, which many people use to remain anonymous while using the internet, which seems to contradict the very reason Facebook is on the planet.. to rob everyone of their privacy. So having Facebook available on the anonymous internet is an oxymoron. You just don’t go through the process of using the anonymous internet to connect to a privacy robbing site like Facebook. The only upside is that Facebook will not know your location when you are communicating using their platform, but they will know the content of your communications.

Facebook’s Deep web address – https://facebookcorewwwi.onion/ (Only accessible through a Tor Browser).

With Facebook, the largest privacy Robbing site on the planet on the Darkweb, can Google, the largest data collector on the planet be far behind?


Next up: Is the Borg (Google) buying Greece?

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