Goodbye Gmail! At least for the important stuff.

For those of you who follow the blog (Thank you!) you know I had mentioned I had been beta testing the Startmail Encypted Email service since April. They finally came out of Beta and offered the email address to me for $60 a year. I found that I was using the email quite a bit for secure communication so I kept it. Here is the blog posting from April reviewing the Startmail service – I would recommend it.

This means that Gmail will be relegated to being an account I use for collecting spam or using for non-financial, everyday communication email needs. Certainly no longer using it for work or personal communications.

Ask And You May Receive…

Startmail gave me two companion accounts to give away with the subscription. Rather than waste them by just forwarding the links to two random people who may or may not use them, I figured I would post them to the blog. But you must leave a comment, especially on why you feel you must have an encrypted email address but just never got around to getting one. Only 2 worthy people will get them.

A Comment May get you a free one-year StartMail private email Companion Account! I have 2 to give away! :)