@Yelp Doesn’t Like My Profile Pic. Won’t Let Me Respond to Customers Until It’s Changed

Yelp is at it again. They clearly don’t like bloggers, especially ones who refuse to participate in their Yelp programs, scamming small business’s out of thousands of dollars every year.

A recent email from Yelp, which I found in the trash, states I will have to change my profile pic before I can talk to customers. Apparently they require a “REAL” photo of me. Really Yelp? That photo is about as real as it gets!

By the way Yelp, the Yelp account is rarely used. All clients I work with have a dedicated website, Facebook page, twitter and Google+ accounts. That’s the work around to make Yelp irrelevant.



But wait! That is clearly a photo of me… I’m not even wearing  sunglasses in this one! Can’t wear those sunglasses folks, harder to do facial recognition on you. 😉

Upload a new photo

This just seems to be Yelps latest tactic in the war against anyone who stands up against Yelp and their review services. I did email Yelp asking them to recheck this issue because the picture is clearly of me. To date I have gotten no response. Not that it matters because it is very, very rare that anyone contacts me over Yelp and I do not respond to reviewers anyway, most of them clearly being fake.

Who else is having these Yelp issues? Do they only contact you when they are looking for money?

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