Really impressed with the pics I got from a recent walk thru of the Apple Store in Grand Central Terminal this week. The Grand Central Apple store opened back in 2011. I have been here before but never realized how LARGE it is! I’ve read it’s the third biggest Apple Store. Apple employees state it’s the biggest in North America. At around 23,000 feet it’s pretty impressive!

Grand Central Wrap Around

The Grand Central Apple Store wraps around Grand Central and has a great view!

The store overlooks and wraps around the main concourse of New York’s classic commuter station from the East and North East balconies of the main concourse, which serves as a beautiful backdrop to the Apple experience. It’s hard to not soak in the view, or to marvel at the spectacular antique chandeliers dangling near one of the Genius Bars.

Genius Bar

Antique Chandeliers over the Genius Bar


Apple Store

Just a typical Apple Store in the middle of Grand Central Terminal.

Make sure you visit the Apple Store in Grand Central Terminal and make sure you walk the whole store. It’s very big and has some impressive views!

And as a throwback to the days I was a “WIFI” hunter… there is plenty of free Wifi here.