Facebook Privacy Issues Driving More People to Instagram… which is Facebook!

Today the blogosphere was lit up by the latest Facebook data collection tool called “Messenger” and it’s “Unique” ability to access everything on your phone, including photo’s, contacts, your camera, your location, etc… Facebook responded to the rampant privacy robbing rumors with a well crafted “Get the Facts” marketing campaign that is now rolling out. If you have not seen it you can find that here

Here is the mobile campaign:

photo 2

9 out of 10 People Will Now Move to “Instagram” Direct (Unofficial Poll)

photo 1Most people I talked to about the new Facebook Messenger app were outraged that Facebook has access to everything on their phones so now everyone is a privacy expert and going around encouraging each other to delete the Facebook Messenger app.

“Privacy Experts” agree that the app has access to your camera, photo’s, your location data, all your Facebook posts, all your contacts info, access to every conversation you’ve had with anyone on Facebook and all your personal info which users themselves freely post into the Facebook database when signing up. How did this happen!?!?!?

This is the first post I have ever tagged with #sarcasm

The new solution? Everyone move to Instagram…. which is owned by Facebook and has access to all that stuff too!

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