The #NoIceBucketChallenge is On! Why Can’t Charities Find Cures For Their Causes???

How can you not miss it! Social Media feeds are filling up fast with #ALSIceBucketChallenge, a feel good marketing campaign that is going viral. What the Heck right? If you have had nothing to post to your Facebook database for the government to peruse, this was your opportunity to post something. Right?

I always look at these campaigns with a large dose of skepticism and I really do wish everyone did the same. As a “Former” protester, who may come out of retirement, and internet activist who knows all to well that no charity in the history of the planet has ever found a cure for the cause they were raising awareness of… AND knows all to well that 80% of all donated money goes to primarily to funding the charity including huge salaries for charity CEO’s… I really do question why no one tries to raise awareness around the issues of why we can’t find cures.

The #NoIceBucketChallenge is On!

What?Not nearly as popular as the #ALSIceBucketChallenge, the #NoIceBucketChallenge will really make you think… Why am I pouring Ice Water over my head? Are we aware that the entire state of California is in a drought? Children in Africa have to walk 3 miles or more for their bucket of water? Hey, are we just doing this to get out of donating???

Awareness is great but the whole point is to DONATE!

Let’s Raise Awareness Around the Ineffectiveness of Charities!

I watched a heart breaking video about a young man with ALS who stated that this was a great awareness campaign because it was not profitable to find a cure for ALS. I really didn’t have the heart to comment on his video stating that Cancer effects 25 million people a year. If finding a cure for cancer was not profitable I don’t know what is. Currently ALS effects 12,000 people nationally. (the posted video incorrectly states 30,000).


There really is no incentive to find a cure for anything. The only thing that is profitable for drug companies is a comprehensive (i.e. EXPENSIVE) treatment plan that your insurance companies will cover.

Awareness is great, thanks to Social Media. Now let’s up that awareness to understanding the real problem. Those charities you are donating too have no incentive to find a cure. Post cures in the comments below…
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  • Amanda Hadler

    There definitely needs to be an awareness campaign around donating to these charities like Bill Gates charity, trying to eradicate polio but pushing up Autism rates dramatically – people need to be smarter before just accepting challenges like these. What is the track record of these charities? What are they doing with all this money? No one even know what causes ALS yet. The Charity itself does great work as a support system for ALS sufferers. Ultimately we have to hold these charities accountable for using the massive amounts of money they collect to finding cures.

  • Paul

    I couldn’t agree more. I would rather give my money to an actual victim of disease so they can use the money to fund medical costs that insurance won’t cover. I can’t think of one charity that said “THANK YOU for all your donations for the past 30 years, we finally found a cure.”

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