Wifi at Long Island’s Jones Beach.

For years I have been hunting and cataloging WiFi hotspots all across Long Island but it’s something I have not done in a while because WiFi is pretty much standard everywhere. Except at the beach! I make an exception for Long Beach which is a “City” on a beach. Long Beach and the Long Beach Boardwalk have long had access to WiFi though Cablevision for at least 7 years now.

The one spot where you could get away from the WiFi waves was Jones Beach. My favorite was Field 6 where I could just pull in on my way home from work and enjoy the boardwalk… just me, some sun and some tunes.

Jones Beach WifiNo longer! Walking along the boardwalk I noticed the very prominent “Free” WiFi signs at Jones Beach. At least it’s free after you watch a 15 second ad for the Toyota Prius.

I have no problem with progress and WiFi on the beach is part of that progress. What I do have a problem with is the way it is marketed. Does Toyota’s name have to be on all the signage? Do we really need signs to tell us there is free wi-fi around? Your phone is pretty much looking around, non-stop, for a WiFi connection anyway. Once it finds one it will alert you to it. No need to put so much signage all over the beach and the boardwalk.

No one goes to the beach for Free WiFi! – David Daniels (That’s Me!)

Free iPhone/Android App…

On the plus side: go check out the link to the sign-on page here – http://www.ohranger.com/wifi/jonesbeach-live/.

Once you watch the 15 second Toyota Prius ad you get options to check out some of the events going on at Jones Beach, donate to the Heritage Foundation for Jones Beach and find parks near you with free wi-fi.

You can also download a free app to help you find all this info – http://www.ohranger.com/app/parkfinder.

Oh, and did I mention I don’t plan on speed testing it. I have no interest in speed testing WiFi networks at one of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Also, Newsday scooped me by about a day on this story. You can find that here – http://www.newsday.com/long-island/towns/waves-and-wi-fi-jones-beach-gets-free-internet-connection-1.8982621
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