Summer is Half Over. Not Good!

Whew! I’ve been busy! Also having fun and trying to enjoy the summer. Hard to believe it’s half over! And wait!!! What does this posting have to do with Social Media?? Or even technology??? Nothing really. I used to post every Sunday morning but lately I just seem to get up and go to wherever my calendar tells me to go. Have not posted much at all lately. This morning I’m free! And realized I had recently found time to post 2 new video’s to YouTube, all from the iPhone 5S AND managed to get pics of everything while filming, so here they are… 

Here is a look at a fireworks show from a project I am working on in Queens. Getting some much-needed eyes on a small local mall that was once marked for dead… it’s now coming back in a big way.


Also got my first look at a group called Industrial Rhythm, a high energy drum percussion group based out of New York City. They were really high energy and kept the kids entertained. The Adults too!


I have to admit I didn’t think I would be involved in so many activities this summer and I will get around to posting more of the events I am working soon. Kind of been on a small hiatus from social media, not completely, but now that I am finishing up some smaller projects I am getting some free time back to explore some of the great new tools I am implementing. Lot’s and lot’s of new stuff I am playing with! We’ll talk soon…

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