Look Up! A Little Something About Social Media Addiction

Look Up! A Little Something About Social Media Addiction

“All you have to do is disconnect from the need to be heard and defined”. My favorite line in the attached video below so make sure you watch. This past weekend was about the 6th straight weekend I have practically disappeared from “The Net” despite having the latest and greatest gadget in my back pocket. Disconnecting… something I have struggled with in the distant past but have learned how to master disconnecting from time to time as evidenced by my infrequent postings. I’m also getting busier. ;)

Spring is here and summer is coming. Learn how to unplug…

I still have the latest technology which I don’t talk about as much. I am still learning how to master that said technology and integrate it into my “IRL” (In the Real World) experience, but I am no longer a slave to it. I’ve learned how to put it down when it’s appropriate. I haven’t had to use Facebook for anything but work since March. I no longer have the need to share everything with everyone. I still share but it will be more sharing of information like this. It will all continue to stay on the blog so I can stay focused on what’s in the real world. I will no longer be apologizing for my infrequent postings, Thank You!

See you IRL… or here. Whatever is your choice.

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