Dire warnings about Heartbleed, a serious internet security risk affecting millions of websites, is going strong across the internet today and trended all over twitter all day. It’s enough to keep me very busy over the next few weeks, even questioning my own strict security standards. Here’s a little rundown of the HeartBleed bug and what sites across the internet are talking about…

What InfoWars is Reporting

The risk was discovered by a Google researcher at Codenomicon, a Finnish company specializing in the development of “fuzzing tools” to ensure computer network security. The Codenomicon client base includes government and the defense industry and has connections to Obama, DHS, and the FBI. – InfoWars

The current buzz about Heartbleed plays into an ongoing government campaign to forge a public-private cybersecurity infrastructure. The bug compromises at least 66 percent of active websites, according to the team that discovered it and may be the pre-text to a government lockdown. InfoWars

What My Favorite Blogs are Reporting

Whenever data (passwords, usernames, etc.) is sent through the Internet, it gets encrypted, or turned into a code, so hackers can’t access it. What makes the Heartbleed flaw truly scary is that it can allow hackers to break that encryption and access to your emails, passwords, documents and instant messages across such a large swath of the Internet. Though just discovered, this bug has likely existed for two years. Huffington Post

My favorite security blog. Naked Security, recommends you not change your passwords right away on any websites you use. It may take a few days to figure out a fix and for websites to apply this fix.

My favorite VPN (Virtual Private Network), GetCloak, states on their blog they were vulnerable but they fixed the issue on their end. “Theoretically, a clever attacker could have watched all your secure communications when you used Cloak for Mac.” This is not so comforting for me but I love the fact they addressed the issue so fast.

Whatever the case, the HeartBleed bug is very serious and its best that everyone stay on top of the latest news regarding this latest threat to the entire internet. There’s a dedicated website to the HeartBleed bug here.


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