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StartMail: A Secure Alternative to Gmail

This may be the first of many blog postings regarding moving from a Google product. Although I have always been a fan of Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” mantra, especially since I am not a fan of Facebook, the recent news that Google has updated its terms of service to officially state they scan and keep…Continue readingStartMail: A Secure Alternative to Gmail

Long Island Miscellaneous

Long Island Freedom Car?

It’s a rare Weekend posting in my little “Long Island” category of the blog. Just a little something I snapped from the phone that I wanted to share…Continue readingLong Island Freedom Car?

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US Government Creates Cuban Twitter, How Nice of Them

Another late night of catching up on the latest news in the tech world and I come across this story. It got a little attention in some tech communities but somehow I missed it. When you put this story together with some of the other story’s going on in the world, it’s a pretty big…Continue readingUS Government Creates Cuban Twitter, How Nice of Them