It’s been a few weeks since my last posting! Really busy… but did find time for a little redesign to the website to add speed for the additional traffic and have been taking on even more business! Lot’s of promising news coming out soon including, dare I say it… Let’s just say the recruiters have been beating down my door. But enough of that talk. Dropped my iPhone for the first time ever and here’s what I did…

This is the first time I have come across this issue. After many years of owning an iPhone I have never been in a position to feel what it is like to see hundreds of dollars lost in a single second. I’m usually the one who preaches to everyone else about using a case and never carrying your phone around naked, etc etc…

Immediately after dropping the phone I went to BestBuy in Westbury. Currently they were having a deal on the iPhone 5C for $49.95. I would also have to use my trade-in to get the new phone and the old 4S now had no value. I left and went to the Apple store in Roosevelt Field Mall.

At the Apple store in Roosevelt Field Mall the 5C was going for $99.99. They could not price match the BestBuy deal but did offer to take 10% off. I declined and figured I would try my AT+T store located in the same mall. A corporate store.

At the AT+T store the price of the 5C was also $99.99. Not being impressed with the 5C and really wanting to wait for the 6, I was in a bind. I use the phone a LOT! I couldn’t use it all cracked up for the next 6 months.

Lo and behold I turn to my right and there is this little Kiosk called “Talk N’ Fix”. They have 6 Kiosks in some of the largest malls in the area. They fixed my phone in 20 minutes! I will vouch for this service. Not only did they get me my old phone back for $80 but the trade in value is now intact.

I’m not easily impressed. I was impressed with the speed, service and incredible location of this little but growing business. They have a promising future.
























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